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Welcome To The Sanctuary

Growing up I spent every weekend skating at Woodward Grapevine, Eisenbergs skateparks and street. I did a number of lock-ins, attended all sorts of events and demos that shaped me during a pivotal time and made me into the man I am today.

Indoor skateparks unlocked the ability to practice and focus on my craft regardless of the weather conditions or lack of spots near me. They kept me out of trouble, fueled my aspirations and taught me resilience.

These past few years I pushed myself to keep pursuing all my dreams no matter how crazy or unattainable I think they are. I started conceptualizing on how I can make the same impact for the next generation of skaters and refuel that passion I grew up with while skateboarding.

That’s why I created Sanctuary Skate, a brand that will support the development, planning and advocating for a future indoor skatepark here north Dallas, Texas. 

With love, CHRIS


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